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Viola Hill Studio | Milwaukee, WI

New year, new me! Okay, okay, I know that it’s pretty much halfway through March already, but originally I had planned this blog post for New Year’s Day if that counts for anything. And well no, there is no new me. You’re still stuck with the same one, but I do have a lot of new and exciting things in the works for 2018. 

For starters, you may have already noticed a few new logos floating around. My first agenda item for 2018 was to go through a rebrand, because I wanted to make sure that my voice, logos, brand colors, and typography were all working together to connect me with just the right people. I’d been putting this off for a while, because I thought it’d take a ton of time and effort. Thankfully I met an eager graphic designer on Instagram who was more than happy to get the party started for me! Maggie originally inquired with me about her wedding photography and asked if I’d be open to a trade of branding and website design. I was so excited to work with Maggie, and I sent her all of my wedding collections in a brochure but then sadly didn’t hear back. Come to find out later that she had selected a wedding collection, but I never received it on my end. I followed up with her a few days later, but since she’d been ready to book when she contacted me, she had moved on and hired another wedding photographer instead. Lesson learned: follow up on those inquiries a little sooner!

Disappointed, I moved on. A few weeks later I started doing research on graphic designers. Maggie reached out to me again when she saw I was looking, and this time she offered to trade headshots for logo design. She was working on a new website and wanted lifestyle photos for it. So we figured out the numbers, drew up a contract, and got to work.

We met at Kickapoo Coffee Roasters in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward for Maggie’s shoot. She was the perfect model with her impeccable style, huge smile, and those dimples! Also, this place is full of endless possibilities when it comes to photography, if you’re ever looking for the perfect place for an engagement session.

One of the first exercises Maggie had me go through was defining my ideal wedding clients. After thinking about it for a while, I came up with this list: recent college graduates or young professionals, budget travelers, lovers of sporting events and concerts, independent, goal oriented, and mostly just easy-going and not taking life too seriously. When Maggie got my list she said “wow, you just described me” which was pretty cool to know I was already on the right track and just needed some polishing and refinement.

Maggie was so patient with me even though I probably asked too many questions and eventually became very indecisive. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for authentic branding and Squarespace design. If that’s you, you can find her over at Viola Hill Studio.

Logos and branding for AJ Photo Company, photographer in Sun Prairie, WI

But if you’re planning a wedding, AND you like to have fun, see the world, work hard, you don’t pet the sweaty stuff...er, you don’t sweat the petty stuff, you’re exactly the couple I’d love to meet so hit me up!