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Recent weddings and engagement sessions photographed by AJ Photo Company.

Winterfell Acres Engagement Session | Brooklyn, WI

Melanie is one of the first photographers I met after my husband and I moved to Sun Prairie. We would go into the camera shop where Melanie worked part-time and endlessly bug her about which investment we should make next, how does this work, what do we need, etc. She was always so helpful and patient, and as a transplant to Madison herself, she happily handed me her business card and invited me to reach out to her whenever. Since I'm honestly terrible at inviting people to do things or go places with me, I'm sure she was actually the first one to suggest we grab a cup of coffee together. I could have talked with her for hours! When running a pretty independent business, it's really nice to have a like minded person to bounce ideas off of, share tips and tricks, and talk about what we wish would be better in our businesses and the wedding industry as a whole. We got to know each other a bit on a personal level too. We bonded over our love for our pets, which is hopefully pretty obvious in Melanie and Chris's engagement photos. Dulcy, at 16 years young, is the gorgeous long haired pup you'll see in several of them! When Melanie reached out to me and asked about her wedding date, I did a little happy dance inside! I can't wait to be part of Melanie and Chris's intimate spring wedding, not just as a photographer, but as a friend too!

Engaged couple stands with their dogs on a path of fallen leaves.
Engaged couple looks at each other on a path of fallen leaves with their two black dogs at their side.
Engaged couple kisses on a path of fallen leaves while their dogs sit beside them.
Engaged couple walks with arms around each other down a path in the fall woods with their dog trailing behind them.
Two black dogs pose for the camera for their owners' engagement photos.
Engaged couple holding hands.
Woman sits on a blanket in the woods with her two black dogs.
Puppy dog eyes from a 16 year old dog as she gets hugged by her owner.
Man's best friend snuggling with her owner.
Man laughs as his dog tries hiding from the camera.
Engaged couple smiling happily as they sit and snuggle on a blanket in the woods.
Man in a red flannel with hands in pants pockets.
Woman in a mustard colored cardigan and denim shirt smiling.
Engaged couple shares an emotional hug.
Man gives his fiancé a bear hug from behind.
Woman holds her fiancé's arm and cuddles up next to him.
Engaged couple laughing with each other in the woods.
Engaged couple holds hands and kisses as their dogs stay faithfully beside them.
Dulcy, the 16 year old long haired black collie mix.
16 year old dog tries to keep up on a walk through the woods.
Woman laughs as her dog tries to jump on her and kiss her.
Man holds a stick up in the air, and his dog jumps to catch it.