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Goat-eous Garden Engagement Session | Plover, WI

Katie and Jake were entered into my Facebook like and share promotion a few months ago, and while their names were not drawn for a free engagement session, I sent them a message about booking their wedding photography with me anyway...and thankfully they said yes! Originally we were going to meet at Devil's Lake State Park for their engagement session, which I was super excited about since I have seen so many amazing photos from there. After thinking about it though, they decided to schedule something a little closer to where they both graduated and lived for several years. To be honest, I was just a little heartbroken about that...well, until I actually arrived at Village Gardens in Plover. I was blown away by how beautiful and immaculately kept the garden is there, the owner was extremely accomodating, and to top it off, we even got to play with a few goats!

Engaged couple kisses while holding a sign that says Just Love.
Engaged couple with arms around each other smiles while standing in a garden.
Engaged couple with arms around each other smiles at each other while standing in a garden.
Engaged couple embraces each other and smiles as they lean in to kiss in a garden.
Man leans against a garden gazebo as he kisses his fiance. 
Engaged couple holds a homemade wooden sign with their wedding date painted on it.
Engaged couple walks holding hands along a garden path lined with pink flowers.
Man lifts his fiance up and kisses her on a garden path lined in pink flowers.
Woman smiles into her fiance's chest as he kisses her on the top of her head.
Woman leans back slightly as her fiance leans down to kiss her.
Woman laughs with her eyes closed as she holds on to her fiance.
Engaged couple embrace each other with eyes closed inside a metal gazebo surrounded by plants and bushes.
Engaged couple holds hands and looks in opposite directions.
Engaged couple sits and snuggles with each other. 
Woman with braid in her hair smiles as her fiance whispers in her ear.
Woman places her hand on her fiance's chest and shows her engagement ring.
Engaged couple holds hands and kisses each other's hands with eyes closed.
Engaged couple work together to make a gigantic garden wind chime make noise.
Woman holds her long dress and her fiance's hand as they walk through a garden.
A black and white goat stands on its hind legs to eat grass off of a rooftop.
Two goats pose for the camera in front of a shelter with grass on the rooftop.
Woman shows her engagement ring as she feeds grass to a goat through a chain link fence.