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Backyard Engagement Session | Oshkosh, WI

Shortly after attending the Explore North Workshop in April, and deciding to define my niche in this "photography thing" as I like to call it, I took a huge leap of faith and joined The Knot to help connect myself with couples looking for their ideal wedding photographer (even though I still didn't quite know yet exactly who was my "ideal couple"...if you've followed my journey, you might remember that I initially thought I would focus mainly on pets). The Knot isn't exactly cheap, but with the constant encouragement from my husband, I eventually took his advice, set up a storefront, and posted a few pictures with the hope that I would at least recoup my investment over the contracted 12 month period.

Evey took notice and was the second person to actually contact me to get more information. I was so excited and even a little petrified if I'm being totally honest here. Getting into wedding photography isn't exactly easy. In order to book clients, you need to have a portfolio. But in order to get a portfolio, you need to photograph weddings. See the problem? Thankfully I've met so many awesome photographers along the way who've hired me to second shoot with them, who've mentored me, who've encouraged me, who've helped me build a portfolio, and who've overall just been incredibly uplifting! What's even better is that a few messages and FaceTime sessions later, Evey seemed pretty confident that we'd be a good fit, and she wanted to book me for her and JJ's fall wedding next year!

When we talked about what they'd want to do for their engagement session, Evey told me about their beautiful backyard and how they'd like to start there. She mentioned the lake was close by, and we could probably head that way too. Oh, and can Moby be in a few pictures? *Insert happy dance here.*

Needless to say, when I knocked on their door, I still didn't quite know exactly what I was walking into. Evey and JJ were all dressed up and looking good. Even Moby had a tie to wear!! Isn't that the cutest thing!? We head out into the backyard, and I'm looking around quickly trying to figure out where to shoot and what to do. I'm pretty wrapped up in this mentally, and it took me far too long to realize that JJ is just a little bit of a character. I'd say something to Evey like "now just casually run your fingers through your hair" or "walk slowly toward me like you're on the runway". I'd start shooting a few frames until I noticed that JJ was the one running his fingers through his hair or JJ was the one walking like he was going down the runway, and Evey was laughing and looking at him! Then he starts telling me about his plans for this engagement session. First, he's going to change into some shorts, and they're going to jump on their trampoline with Moby. Then he's going to get into his board shorts, because that's what he was wearing when he proposed.

I had so much fun with Evey and JJ, that I started to really figure out who my "ideal couple" is...it's them! First of all, they are confident go-getters. They know what they want, and they work hard to make it happen. They aren't afraid to take risks. Second, they absolutely love their dog! So while maybe my ideal client isn't a dog, it's definitely couples who have dogs and whose dogs are a big part of their family. Third, they know how to have fun! I don't think I need to even elaborate on this one. Finally, JJ is going to make Evey laugh literally every day for the rest of their lives, and that is just something I am so honored to be part of!

Couple strolls though their back yard holding hands and looking at each other.
Couple holds hands while they walk through their backyard.
Back dog with bright brown eyes smiles while wearing a blue plaid tie.
Engaged couple sitting on a bench in their backyard laughing.
Engaged couple laying in their backyard with heads on each other's shoulders.
Engaged couple laying in their backyard with heads on each other's shoulders.
Engaged couple playing with their dog in the backyard.
Engaged couple laughing in their backyard.
Engaged couple smiling in their backyard.
Engaged couple facing each other nose to nose and laughing.
Engaged couple jumping on a trampolin with their dog.
Engaged couple jumping on a trampoline while their dog watches from the lawn.
Engaged couple jumps on a trampoline with their black dog.
Man on a trampoline lifts his fiancé in the air.
Engaged couple jumps high on a trampoline while their dog watches in amazement.
Engaged couple laughs and hold hands as they walk down a path.
Engaged couple holds hands and looks into each other's eyes as they walk down a gravel road.
Man stands behind his fiancé and holds her by the waist as she smiles.
Man dips his fiancé back as he kisses her in front of the Fox River in Wisconsin.
Engaged couple holds hands standing on a dock overlooking Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin.
Engaged couple holds hands while standing on a dock.
Engaged couple holds hands and walks on a dock into the sunset.