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Wisconsin Brewing Company Wedding | Verona, WI

Allison and Eric are two of the most laid back people I've met. Throughout our conversations, they made it clear to me the most important part of their wedding day was being able to spend time with their family and friends. They didn't want to spend a lot of time taking pictures and being away. They wanted me to capture as many candid moments as possible. 

Originally from Wisconsin, Allison and Eric now live in Georgia, and family and friends came from all over the states to celebrate with them. While Allison and Eric prefer not to be in the spotlight, it was pretty clear to me that all of their wedding guests think pretty highly of the two of them. They’re both extremely smart and working on graduate degrees yet still each of them have such a modest and humble attitude.

But what I love most about Allison and Eric’s day is how they had everything quietly under control and were somehow unfazed by any of those unplanned moments that are bound to happen on a wedding day. 92 degree weather on September 23rd? They didn’t break a sweat. Running behind? Nope! Everything ran ahead of schedule for most of the day, which I must add is highly unusual. Forgot (insert any important item needed)? Not these two! I could tell they put a lot of effort into making sure everything ran smoothly; meanwhile they had such a peaceful and collected air about them all day long.

Planning a wedding is like your first trial run of how you’ll solve problems and react to the lemons life throws at you throughout the rest of your marriage, and I am so confident that Allison and Eric will continue to overcome each challenge with grace and love.

Wedding dress hanging from a door.
Wedding dress hanging on a pillar.
Lace detail of wedding dress.
Lace bridal gown hanging on a front door.
Wedding bands laying on some landscape bark.
Mother of a bride zipping up her daughter's wedding dress.
Mother of bride and bride smile as she zips up her dress.
Bride smiles as her mom hugs her.
Mom gives bride a final look.
Bride wearing a gold round pendant necklace.
Bride sits on a chair and reaches down for her wedding shoes.
Bride puts her wedding shoes on.
Bride sits on a chair and gazes reflectively out the window.
Groom buttons his suit jacket.
Groom ties his shoes.
Groom smiles for a portrait after getting ready.
Groom smiles as his boutonniere is pinned on.
Bride walks down stairs.
Family members and groom smile as they see bride for a first look.
Bride and groom pose for a portrait on the front porch.
Bride and groom kiss on the front porch.
Groom kisses bride on the cheek.
Bride and groom smile at each other at the edge of a dock.
Bridal bouquet from Dane County Farmer's Market.
Bridal bouquet close up.
Bride and bridesmaids holding their bouquets.
Bride and maid of honor pose for a portrait.
Bride and maid of honor smile at each other.
Bride and bridesmaids smile for the camera.
Bridesmaid's red, purple, and orange bouquet.
Bridesmaid's white and orange and burgundy bouquet.
Black and white photo of bride and her bridesmaids smiling at each other.
Black and white photo of groom and his groomsmen.
Groom and his groomsmen.
Wedding guests mingle before the ceremony.
Wedding guests laughing before the ceremony.
Groom smiles as he walks down the aisle.
Best man and maid of honor walking down the aisle.
Groomsman and bridesmaid walking down the aisle.
Father of the bride watches her as they walk down the aisle.
Father of the bride looks at her as they approach the groom.
Father of the bride whispers in her ear.
Officiant smiles as she speaks at the wedding ceremony.
Wedding guests laughing during the ceremony.
Wedding guests holds his daughter during the ceremony.
View of all the wedding guests seated during the ceremony.
Groom holds bride's hand as he says his wedding vows.
Bride smiles as groom says his vows.
Bride and groom's first kiss.
Bride and groom hold hands and smile as they are pronounced husband and wife.
Bride and groom smile as they walk down the aisle after their ceremony.
Groom smiles while hugging bride after their ceremony.
Map of the United States showing from where all of the wedding guests have traveled.
Mother of the bride and maid of honor set up place cards.
Place cards for the wedding reception.
Round table set up for wedding dinner.
Close up of floral centerpiece for wedding dinner.
Taps at Wisconsin Brewing Company in Verona, WI.
Bartender pours beer at Wisconsin Brewing Company.
Beer drips from the tap.
Brewed Here. Built Here. sign at Wisconsin Brewing Company in Verona, WI.
Officiant smiles as she hugs bride after ceremony.
Father of bride hugs her after wedding.
Mother of groom hugs him after wedding.
Mother of groom hugs her new daughter-in-law.
Father of bride hugs his new son-in-law.
Black and white of mother of bride hugging her daughter.
Wedding guest gives speech during dinner.
Bride and groom smile during speech.
Maid of honor gives her speech.
Bride hugs maid of honor after speech.
Wedding guest laughs during speeches.
Best man gives his speech.
Bride hugs best man after speech.
Mother of bride smiles during speech.
Bride and groom share their first dance.
Bride and groom laughing during first dance.
Black and white of bride dancing with her father.
Bride and groom lean in to kiss each other outside by a pond.
Groom dips bride back and kisses her.
Close up of bride's hand resting on groom's chest.

Venue: Wisconsin Brewing Company

Officiant: Angel Wileman

Caterer: Blue Plate Catering

Bakery: The Little French Bakery

Florals: Dane County Farmers' Market (bridal party) and BHL Designs Signature Gardens (centerpieces)

Hair: J & L Hair Design

Wedding Dress: Marah's Elegant Bridal 

Alterations: Dora Baker's Bridal Alterations

DJ: family friend