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Senior Portrait Portfolio

01. The BFF

Why not have more fun with your senior portraits by scheduling them together with your best friend, twin, or high school sweetheart? Not only do you save a little bit of money (and who doesn't love to save money?), but you'll create memories that will last a lifetime! Maybe you've grown up together since kindergarten or you're parting ways after graduation. Either way, you and your BFF are probably inseparable, so add senior portraits to the list of things you'll do together! We can get some ice cream, have a dance off, or the sky's the limit really!

02. The Graduate

Would you rather be the star of the show? That's okay too!! We'll get together ahead of time to talk about your hobbies, some of your favorite places, or clothes you're thinking about wearing. If you've been saving ideas for your senior portraits, please feel free to share them with me, but we'll want to make sure we're creating unique and meaningful portraits to you.

03. The Mini

You're extremely busy. I understand. Maybe you're in multiple sports or you have a part-time job like I did throughout high school AND trying to find time to research and visit your favorite colleges. Don't even get you started on those long and boring college applications, right? Or maybe you just don't like being in front of the camera, but you know you're going to need a decent photo for the yearbook, your parents, and your grandparents. And no matter how great you think your selfie game is, it just isn't going to cut it this time.