aj photo company: Wedding Photographer in Madison, WI
Wisconsin documentary wedding and portrait photographer for the fun and easy going couple or person!

aj photo company: Wedding Photographer in Madison, WI


Alison Fait, Owner/Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Thanks for stopping by! Since you’ve made it all the way here, chances are you’re looking for a wedding photographer, am I right? This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you that I love “love” and dream about photographing your boho-inspired mountaintop elopement in Iceland. But let’s be real. I’m in Madison, Wisconsin (Sun Prairie if you want to get technical), and I’m really not that cool…or in shape for that matter. 

Truth be told, I eat too much junk food (cookie dough at 10pm anyone?), and I don't exercise nearly enough although I don’t mind the occasional stroll around the block or recreational game of volleyball. I’m obsessed with my cats Josie, June, April, and Aria, but I love my labradoodle Jordy and goldendoodle AJ too! We almost always have a few foster kittens around too if you’re looking to adopt (wink, nudge, hint, hint). Most movies make me cry at one point or another, and I will more than likely shed a tear or two during your mother-son/father-daughter dances and maid of honor/best man speeches too. The highlight of every one of my days (except Sundays and holidays sadly) is getting the mail. Picture Kristen Wiig’s “Surprise Lady” SNL character excited. If I’m dating myself here, and you have no idea what I’m talking about, seriously look it up! Speaking of being aging myself, I am probably too old to love rap music as much as I do. I'll hold entire conversations in memes, GIFs, and Bitmojis, and I’m the lead character in my daughter’s Snapchat stories. These may or may not be things I’m proud to admit. Since I'm sharing all my secrets, I HATE showering, but I promise I will shower before your consultation and engagement session, and for sure on the morning of your wedding day. I’ll even wear extra deodorant too, just in case. My biggest fear is falling through the floor or having the ceiling collapse on top of me. I am that person in the water park or elevator secretly trying to add up everyone’s weight to calculate the probability of my impending death by crushing. Last but not least, my husband and I like to play a mean game of cribbage, and he swears I get all the cuts!

If you’re still with me and your wedding plans are a little more laid back and don’t involve a lot of hiking, then maybe I’m the wedding photographer for you. But how can you know for sure, you ask? I mean, you probably can’t, but you can take this totally free magazine-worthy cheesy quiz and find out with 99.9%* certainty that I probably am.

*DISCLAIMER: accuracy not guaranteed

Photo by April Zelenka

Photo by April Zelenka

Magazine-worthy cheesy quiz

1) It’s your wedding day. Your ideal photographer…
2) You email your wedding photographer, and you expect a response…
3) You need to reschedule your engagement session. Your photographer says…
4) You notice a huge zit in a few of your photos, and you email your photographer right away. You want to hear…
5) Your gallery expired, and you haven’t had the chance to print or download all of your wedding photos yet. You contact your photographer who says…